The Advantage is Clear

  • Safe lockable lids, uncomplicated effective design for peace of mind.
  • Simple, straight forward unobtrusive below ground installation.
  • Economic fast installation: no concrete base and no concrete backfill are required which means that there are no delays in carrying out the installation.
  • Reinforced monolithic concrete structure designed to last (more than 50 years).
  • Low profile design with highlets/outlets assures shallow excavation.
  • The tanks weigh two ton each, facilitating easy handling by standard digger equipment required to dig and back fill the hole.
  • Proven aerobic biological process eliminating bad odours.
  • No mechanical working parts inside the tank.
  • Electrical parts are located outside the tank in a separate housing.
  • Low energy consumption blower unit (timer/alarms optional).
  • Quartz 60 micron pore diffuser, non clog, no back pressure on blower.
  • Quiet piston operated blower.
  • Minimum inexpensive annual maintenance without the need to desludge.
  • Large primary tank surface area facilitates de-sludging every 2/3 years.
  • Standard gravity flow unit with simple design for submersible pump installation if required e.g. raised percolations areas.
  • Install as septic tank, upgrade to treatment unit later (all components removable).


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