Delivery Details

Bio Klenze

The Bio-Klenze 6 population treatment system is delivered in three parts as follows:

  1. Primary Settlement Tank: complete with tapered baffle, inlet 110 PVC pipe and pipe to join both tanks. The concrete lid, PVC riser and lid are shrink wrapped to keep any water out of tank which would add to the weight. A steel bar is inside the tank to facilitate lifting the tanks into position.
  2. Biological/Settlement tank: complete with dividing wall galvanised grill, plastic media, diffuser and all necessary pipe work and fittings. The concrete lid, PVC riser, lid are also shrink wrapped onto the tank.
  3. Small PVC riser and lid/Blower housing unit: vented, complete with bottom, includes Blower (compressor unit) and waterproof 13 amp socket, to which the incoming electric feed will be connected.
It is envisaged that the tanks will be handled by forklift until they arrive at site thereafter an adequately sized digger will be required to transport the tanks and lift them unto the excavated holes.


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