Ogee Drainage Pipes

Tracey Concrete are one of the largest producers of Ogee land drainage pipes in and Ireland. Together with large stocks and their fleet of off-loading trucks, Tracey Concrete are in a position to ensure your requirements for Ogee drainage pipes can be delivered on time anywhere in Ireland. With our modern pipe plants and batching facilities we manufacture the highest quality of Ogee land drainage pipes in wide range of sizes.


Ogee Drainage Pipes

Figure 1

Note: Ogee pipes have an unsealed butt joint. Junctions or bends are not manufactured for Ogee pipes, therefore they should be formed by cutting on site. Pipes should be bedded and laid in accordance with relevant standards.

Ogee land drainage pipes do not have the same load bearing capacity as heavy duty spigot & socket pipes especially in the larger diam.

Ogee Drainage PipesLarge Diameter Ogee pipes require a wide trench with raking sides to prevent collapse, therefore when pipes are fitted and backfilling commences, access pressure may be put on pipes, taking the full weight of backfill and possibly the mechanical digger before sides are fully compact. To prevent damage to pipe, a lean concrete mix around pipe may be necessary, or backfill and allow adequate time to settle before allowing vehicle loads on top.




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