Jacking Lubrication Pipe

A Jacking Lubrication Pipe looks like a standard jacking pipe but have lubricating grout socket cast into the pipe, at customers request. This lubricating grout socket is normally 1 ¼”

BSP steel sockets fitted with plugs. Non-return valves are supplied as standard.

Jacking Lubrication Pipe





The ratio of a jacking lubrication pipe to a standard jacking pipe will vary depending on ground conditions.

Jacking Lubrication Pipe

Tracey Concrete Jacking Pipes are manufactured with coloured steel bands so as to ensure ease of identification on site:

  • Jacking Lubrication Pipes – Yellow steel band
  • Standard Jacking Pipes – Blue steel band


Jacking Lubrication Pipe

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First Lead Pipe

Lead Jacking Pipe

Placed at the front of usually shorter tunnel drives to locate the various cutter shield used which will be made to fit over the rebate on pipe.


Jacking Pipe Brochure

– Download Full Jacking Pipe PDF Brochure –


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