Kerbs & Channels

Kerbs are manufactured in 36″ (915mm) lengths but can be cut to shorter lengths to form curves. As a general rule for kerbs up to 6″ wide and laid on their edge:

  • 915 mm (36″) lengths for 9.0 m radius upwards
  • 450 mm (18″) lengths for 6.0 m radius upwards (see Fig 1)
  • 300 mm (12″) lengths for 2.0 m radius upwards

Shorter lengths will be required for a radius less than above.
Cut kerbs can be supplied or formed on site by cutting a 30 mm minimum deep cut on all exposed surfaces with a disc saw. Place kerb in position and tap back of kerb with hammer. When kerb breaks, position kerb to required radius allowing a space between for grout.

Drainage – UK-PDF               Drainage – IRE/NI-PDF

Typical detail showing kerbs laid in position 

Typical detail showing drop kerbs (Fig 2)


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