Flags for Paving

Flags have many uses such as patios, footpaths, steps etc. Your patio should be carefully planned before you start laying. It is not only the patio flags, rather the design and how they blend in with other materials surrounding them, which give your patio the pleasing final look.
Try to avoid large areas of the same unless you can add design or feature. Avoid long straight edges, use stepped edges to knit into scrub or gravel beds where possible.

600 x 600 (2′ x 2′) Flag
900 x 600 (3′ x 2′) Flag

Laying Flags
After placing well compacted hardcore to correct falls, place approx. 25-30mm deep of loose dust on top and screed it level. The flags should then be placed on the loose dust screed, leaving them approx. 10mm apart for grouting, and tapped firmly into place.
It is recommended that a concrete sealer be applied to the finished flags which will leave them much easier cleaned.
All flags are strapped in bundles of 20.


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