Wide Wall Watertight Manhole Rings

6Wide Wall Watertight Manhole RingsWide Wall Watertight Manhole Rings

Wide Wall Watertight Manhole Rings

Tracey Concrete are now manufacturing wide wall watertight manhole rings in DN1200, DN1500 and DN1800* with our Perfect Base and Watertight Cover Slabs to suit. Using a rubber ring seal and manufactured with thicker wall our watertight manhole rings achieve water tightness without the need of a concrete surround. Our new manhole system is safer, faster and massive cost saver onsite. This system is the future of manhole construction for contractors in the UK & Ireland.

Advantages of wide wall watertight rings

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Watertight on construction
  • Safe lifting system
  • Cost saving
  • No concrete back fill required

Drainage Products Brochure

Wide Wall Manhole Ring Specification Table

Perfect Base Manhole SystemWide Wall Manhole Chamber SystemRings installed onsite

Rings installed onsite

Lifting points for Wide Wall Manhole Rings

Our new and improved safety first lifting system

Watertight Manhole Rings

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