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Tracey Concrete’s Perfect Base is the ultimate manhole solution. Each individual base is custom designed to suit any inlet/outlet configuration. Manufactured in sizes DN1200, 1500 and 1800 our base is the most economic, safe and efficient method of installing a manhole.

Our Perfect Base can be manufactured to fit our new wide wall watertight manhole ring installed with a rubber seal completing an entire watertight chamber and our standard manhole rings with a tongue and groove joint where no concrete surround needed.

We can manufacture our Perfect Base to suit all types of pipe at any angle, simply by dropping our base into position and fitting the pipes the benched base is ready for the rings to be installed saving valuable time onsite.

       Drainage – UK-PDF               Drainage – IRE/NI-PDF

Recent Case Studies:

Jaguar Land Rover Headquarters – Warwickshire – Laing O’Rourke

TEESRep BioMass Plant – Teeside – MGT Power – Graham Construction

PP O’Connor – Wrexham Police Station, Welsh Water

Buxted Construction – Shinfield, Reading

T Balfe – Church Warsop, Nottingham – ICS – Severn Trent Water

Langley Court, London – Roadbridge UK

Brown Civil Engineering – Willow Grove

Cork Lower Harbour WWTP – Irish Water – EPS Sisk JV

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– Watch Our Manufacturing Video –

       Drainage – UK-PDF               Drainage – IRE/NI-PDF

– Download Base PDF Brochure –

Perfect Base Order Form

– Download Base Order Form –  
Perfect Base


-Custom Design: Each Base designed to exact inlet & outlet angles

-Custom connections: Manufactured with collars cast in to suit any pipe joint being used on site (concrete, plastic or clay)

-Wide Wall: No Concrete surround needed to be shuttered onsite

-Watertight: Spigot and socket joint with rubber seal ensures watertight chamber structure

-Faster: Installation times significantly shorter than traditional onsite benching methods

-Safer: No need for in situ concrete work within limited working space, No need for concrete surround

-Long life: 120 year design life due to high quality concrete construction

-Steps: Available with or without rungs/double steps

-Cover slab openings: Watertight cover slab openings available 600 & 675 Round and Sqaure

-Lifting anchors cast in:  Safe, swift and efficient installation

Perfect Base Lifting
Perfect Base Options

New 1200 Perfect Base Table Tracey Concrete

Tracey Concrete 1200 Perfect Base

Tracey Concrete Perfect Base 1500DN1500 Perfect Base Tracey Concrete

Tracey Concrete Perfect Base 1800

DN1800 Perfect base

We can manufacture DN2100 Perfect Bases – Please contact our office for more specs.

2100 perfect base Tracey concrete 212

Perfect Base Manhole System

Perfect Base Onsite

Perfect Base Onsite

Perfect Base OnsitePerfect Base OnsitePerfect Base Onsite


Please Contact us for more information

Drainage – UK-PDF               Drainage – IRE/NI-PDF

– Download Base PDF Brochure –

Rubber Seal Data Sheet: Datasheet_Trelleborg_118_EN_2020 Tracey Concrete

Load Bearing Seal Data Sheet: Datasheet_Trelleborg_171_EN_2020 Tracey Concrete load

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