Jointing Details

Jointing DetailsThe Non-Integrated Seals, available from Tracey Concrete Ltd, are designed as a sliding seal. The special design on the joint and seal make the system easy to use during jointing.

The seal is compressed when the pipe spigot is inserted into the socket, creating a positive seal under both internal and external pressure.

The special design gives:

  • low assembly force
  • excellent sealing capability under both internal and external pressure
  • good distribution of transverse shear load

Jointing Instructions

Jointing Details

  1. Stretch the seal onto the pipe spigot and position against the shoulder as shown. Equalize the tension by lifting and releasing the seal at several points
  2. Apply forsheda lubricant on the socket. This must be evenly spread over the surface of the entire socket.
  3. Advance the pipe so that the rubber seal is in uniform contact with the edge of the steel collar of the pipe with which it is be jointed
  4. Centre the spigot into the socket and assemble

Jacking Pipe Brochure

– Download Full Jacking Pipe PDF Brochure –


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