Jacking Pipes

Jacking Pipes

Jacking Pipes -Introduction          Jacking Pipe Sizes
Jacking Pipes                   Jacking Pipe Sizes

Jacking Pipe Specification        Lubrication Jacking Pipe
Jacking Pipe Specification                 Jacking Lubrication Pipe

Intermediate Jacking Station          Jointing Details
Intermediate Jacking Station                   Jointing Detail

Handling / Lifting / Storage         Download our Brochure
Handling, Lifting and Storage                    Download our Brochure

Jacking Pipes Case Studies

River Medway & M20 Tunnel, Kent – South East Water

Anchorsholme, Blackpool – United Utilities

A12 Stanway Tunnel, (Abberton Pipelines Project)-Essex & Suffolk Water

North Queensferry, Scotland

River Hull Tunnel – Yorkshire Water – Morrison Utility Services

Dunoon Wastewater Treatment Works, Scotland

Jacking Concrete Pipes are a specialised tunnelling pipe, the jacking pipe is lowered into a shaft behind a TBM (tunnel boring machine)then pushed underground by hydraulic jacks  creating a pipeline without the need to dig a trench. Jacking pipe have to withstand huge pushing forces from the hydraulic jacks. Jacking pipes are fitted with steel collars to keep the pipe aligned during the tunnel construction. Jacking pipes are mostly used for sewer, waste water and for housing utility lines where open cut trenches are not possible. A watertight seal is also used in Jacking Pipe installation similar to Spigot & Socket Pipes.

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