Bent Arm Posts

Bent Arm PostsBent Arm Posts (Fig 1) are manufactured in a Dry cast system using 60N/mm² concrete, resulting in a much more dense durable product but does not have the smooth finish of wetcast.


Intermediate Posts shall be spaced equally but not to exceed 3.0m centre to centre.
Straining Posts shall be provided at all ends, corners, changes in direction or acute variations in level and at intervals of note more than 69 m in a straight length of fence
Struts or Stays placed at 45° and fixed to prop all straining posts in the direction of each line of fencing.
Corners Double strainer posts are used at corners which eliminate the confusing of internal or external corner posts.

Ground conditions may indicate a variation in the length of post or strut, but generally posts should be set in 15N concrete to a depth of 750 mm with a hole size not less than 300mm diameter. See Fig 2
The cranked extension for barb wire is normally directed inwards towards the property being served.
Line wire or barb wire can either be passed through the hole in intermediate posts or more commonly put on outside of post with a wire stirrup passed through hole in post and secured to line or barb wire by three complete turns on each side of post.
The chain link fencing should be attached to the line wire on outside of post with wire ties at approximately 150 mm crs on top row and 450 crs on all other rows.


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